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We provide business with -soft skills training in the areas of Management, Leadership, Finance, HR and Personal Skills.


Lex & Leon is a quality company specializing in Skills Development. Built on training and learning experiences, our core motives and mission are to provide professional and affordable training solutions to individuals, small to medium and large businesses within South Africa.

What We Do

Professional & Affordable Training Solutions.

Over Ten Years of Experience.

We are the leading provider in Southern Africa of strategic conferences, training courses and customized training solutions.

Our aim is to deliver high returns to our clients’ business and to unlock for our business partners. We aim to maximize the value of our clients’ existing business through the creative use of our knowledge, skills and experience and business networks.

We strive for excellence through the application of our extensive knowledge.

What We Provide

The Perfect Solutions for Your Business


Lex & Leon offers courses for specialized in-house training. Facilitators come to your offices or a convenient location, anywhere in Southern Africa or beyond to train your staff in those skills or courses your organization will benefit the most from. Our consultants help you devise the training package that bests suits your needs. We tailor courses to individual client’s specific needs, enabling your team to receive the most relevant training possible.


Lex & Leon prides itself in designing well researched cutting edge conferences that are made in accordance with industry changes and needs. Because we believe in a practical approach to our conferences, our dynamic and highly acclaimed presenters include workshops and open-forums which create a greater understanding of topics discussed and provide business solutions that can be implemented immediately.


At Lex & Leon we seek to establish a deeper association and understanding of your organisation, its goals and strategy in order to ensure that you as a sponsor obtain maximum Return on Investment.
We achieve this through contacting you at the research phase of our conferences, in order for your organisation to receive the highest exposure possible from pre-event to the actual conference day.

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